Welcome to The Wash Act Whisky Society

We are a group of whisky enthusiasts in southern Sweden who have formed a whisky-tasting club.

Our aim is to promote and develop our knowledge of the diversity and history of whisky and through our meetings create opportunities for socialising and camaraderie. We have been whisky tasting since spring 1999 and formed the club a year later. We meet quarterly. Most of the whiskies we taste are from Scotland but we do not focus on a particular area, district or distillery.

Our name “The Wash Act” is taken from the name of the invisible tax-border that use to separate the Scottish Highlands from the Lowlands. The club was formed and meets in the South Swedish Highland so we thought the name was appropriate. We are all amateurs from the start but have a passionate interest for whisky and find our meetings very rewarding.

The reasons for creating a website are partly to distribute information about our activities and to get in contact with other similar clubs and enthusiasts. Hope you find some enjoyment from browsing our site. Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.